Blue Boy

Blue Boy

One of my favorite subjects.


End of Month – November 2013

Wonderful colors and textures here.

Gwirrel's Garden

November has actually been a rather OK month; in fact dare I say it’s even been quite nice. No real moans. Only the one frost I can remember, little rain, some cold and windy days but mostly mild and inoffensive. If only it had been slightly warmer then I might’ve been able to mow the lawn, which after a very wet and warm October now looks awful and the prospect of waiting another three months to cut it is very frustrating. Normally I wouldn’t be chewing at the bit until February/March when the grass is growing again but it’s still too damp to cut and being on heavy clay, it of course retains the rain and quickly becomes boggy.

Over the coming weeks, if the weather remains OK I’ll tidy these borders and spread some mulch on them ready for winter. I’m surprised the Black Elder hasn’t yet lost its…

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